Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family resemblance

Happy birthday, Grandpa! Do you see a family resemblance here?

No, the little guy in this picture does not need to wear glasses... yet, he was just burrowing mom's for the photo.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Family portrait

Fall has always been our favorite time of year. And it is also when Nate's birthday falls (notice the pun...).

In the process of taking his 6-yr portrait on a whim we decided to grab a family portrait too.

Nate turns 6. Now it takes 2 hands to show his age. And he has 2 adult teeth to show off.

Little Andrew...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Funny stuff they say and do - 2009 highlights

As time goes by, we continue to jot down notes about things the boys have done or said. Since I have had a dearth of photos from Craig... I decided to post some notes.

Nate: "Salami is good for the body"

Nate - after discussing dreams: But HOW does my brain tell stories?

Andrew (I can't remember what the context was): "I think I'm the problem"

Andrew: "Nate if you don't stop talking I'm going to roll up in a ball."

Nate: "Daddy, I want to make Jesus a present."
Daddy: "What Jesus wants is for us to obey his commands."
Nate: "But I want to give him something fun."

5.28.2009: Two separate and unrelated questions
Andrew: "Mom, we have a lot of doors. Can we sell one?"
Nate: "Mom, the cloud in Egypt killed the firstborn ... what would happen if they were twins?"

7.30.2009 - Nate gets easily distracted when getting PJ's on, so we have to remind him several times what he is suppose to be doing. Tonight he says "Awww - you always want me to put my PJ's on. I wish I was nocturnal."

Andrew: "Pop, can we watch tarcoons?"

Nate wants to build something with Mom.
Mom: You need to write or find plans to build from
Nate: No - I build from the picture in my brain.
Mom: Its hard to help you because I don't know what your picture looks like.
Nate: You can x-ray my brain to find out.

Andrew: "I'm Darth Vader. I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm Pinocchio."

Andrew: "I'm not your grandma. I'm Batman."

Nate: "Andrew, please go out! I want to talk to myself."

Nate: "Dad, I'm going to need a week of peace, so you can help me"

Mom: Andrew - do you want to go first or second in the bathtub?
Andrew - without hesitation: Third!

When looking around the house at the disarray, I (mom) started to break down a bit almost to tears. As I was spouting my woes to Craig, Andrew - who was close-by - comes over and hugs my leg and says "don't give up, mom."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gone Biking

Bike riding time has begun! We are attempting to teach the boys to ride so they can go biking with Grandpa - maybe this summer (though that seems optimistic at this point).

Here is what our first foray looked like... gearing up in the garage:

Starting out slOWly.
Andrew gives Craig the "look" as he rides with no feet.
Easy does it...
Running is still faster, mom! (For anyone who has not been to our house - its in the background.)
Hey guys - watch where you are going!!!
It was an injury free outting. so I'd call it a success!
PS - our backyard has not yet been wet enough for Mud Bowl II...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Nate Turns 5 and Gets Guinea Pig

On Oct 26th, Nate officially turned 5. And for his birthday we adopted a guinea pig named Eliza.

He had been asking for a hamster for MANY months. We told him when he turned 5 he could get one (hoping he'd forget). He didn't... Instead of a hamster we adopted Eliza from his cousin who had one too many animals.

We made her a large cage. She runs laps each morning & evening. It's like an exercise routine. She also begs for lettuce everytime she hears the rustling of a plastic bag. And she can be quite vocal. Her favorite foods are apples, pears, lettuce & Timothy hay.

Enough with introductions... meet Eliza...

Then came the party. Can't have a party without a party hat!

Pop (Craig's dad) has a birthday just a few days after Nate. They celebrated together.

This is Nate's official annual birthday portrait in the leaves. I think Craig was running backwards for this shot :).

Now Andrew has way too many facial exrpessions to post, so here are a few from playing in the leaves.

My personal favorite...

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Hampshire trip 2008

The snow is flying and here I am posting shots from our summer trip to New Hampshire. Pretend it's July for a few moments...

On our drive up we stopped at a rest area in Pennsylvania. There was some sort of moth emergence happening and they were all over the trees. We did close-up inspections of the event.

We arrived at the cottage late that night, so it was straight to bed for all. But EARLY the next morning the boys hit the beach in front of the cottage. I'm talking sunrise.

Our daily activities can be summed up thus - swim, play in sand, fish, eat, sleep, repeat... and occasionally care for an injured dragonfly.

Not so nice brotherly love...

Nice brotherly love...

And my sweet little baby - who is 3!
One day we took a trip to York Beach, Maine. We always stop at Nubble Light for a climb on the big rocks.

Then we ventured to the cold Maine waters at York Beach. Imagine 55 deg water. And sand that sticks like clay - would you be smiling like this?
Andrew decided to wave chase rather than dive and dunk.

Our newest activity this year was fishing. Nate has become a master at side casting. And Andrew is catching onto it fast (note the pun).

We caught a bunch if little perch and one trout. Then Nate hooked a 4+ lb bass! We don't have a picture of it because the fishing line snapped as we were pulling him up to shore... But the boys can now tell you their 1st real fish story!Nate is fish spotting.
And that's what we did on our summer trip this year.

Family self-portrait

OK - so this family portrait was taken awhile ago... late spring actually. I finally got it framed and hung on our wall at home, so I thought it would be appropriate to "frame" it online too.