Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Birthday time!

Happy birthday to Andrew! He is 3 (too many) years old. And to prove it, here are some pictures from his party.

And what's a party without decorations? Mind you, ALL the decorations ended up in this one spot.

Its safe to say this was a crowd pleaser of a toy. You can almost hear the sounds coming out of his lips...
Andrew wanted an excavator cake. I was going to actually scuplt one, but it fell apart in the process. SO I put a toy excavator on TOP instead. Whella!

Make a wish little Do. (our nickname for Andrew is Do-drew).
Nate licking the frosting from amoungst the crawler tracks...WAY better than licking the spatula!

On the actual day of his birthday, we had doughnuts! Candles stick just as well in those for future reference.
Some friends were spending the day with us. After doughnuts we decided to create volcanos for a bit of entertainment. (Yes, green volcanos... I ran out of red food coloring)

And here are some random photos Craig took on his birthday.

Nate drew a road with sidewalk chalk and proceeded to line up every outdoor piece of "equipment" that we own!Andrew: "You can't have any, Nate."Nate: "Oh MAN!"

Nate getting back at Andrew for not sharing...

Do you think Nate caught him again?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Craver Mud Bowl I

OK - it all started when the horses got out next door... they were running thru our backyard this morning and then around the neighborhood a bit.

So this afternoon I took the boys out to track the horses movements thru the yard. It was pretty easy to spot the hoof prints in the soft grass. Then suddenly we came across a particularly WET section of our yard. That was the end of our horse hunt and the beginning of Mud Bowl I (of which I am sure there will be many more). As soon as Andrew stomped once, I knew I had to just let them dive in.

It was SO muddy that Andrew's shoe got suctioned off his foot. Take a look...

The mud-pie chase!

This is the photo that coined the phrase "Craver Mud Bowl".
Mom giving Nate the stiff arm! (I don't know much about football, but am told that is what I'm doing here).
Look at our mess - hehehe!

PURE joy!

The clean-up took 45 minutes. But their shoes - well, we'll have to deal with them tomorrow!