Saturday, June 9, 2007

June - digging & mowing

The Craver boys are just plain having fun these days. That's the easiest way to put it. They laugh constantly - and it is the true Craver laugh.

Here is a more serious shot of them watching our neighbor try to pull a truck into her garage. She was having some trouble needless to say and it took like 5 minutes. The boys were captivated the whole time and it gave Craig a chance to snap this shot.

Our most recent excitement has been the building of our new ecclesial meeting hall. We call it "the construction site" and visit it every day or two. Talk about boys being in their element - excavators, bull dozers and dump trucks! Today we went and Nate got his boot "stuck in 'd mud" and he really was stuck - all the way to his ankle. Oh my, what a mess! Notice in this picture Nate's arm - does it resemble an excavator?

We also have a mini construction site right in front of our house. At least that's what Nate calls it. No, we're not adding on, we just have a large area of mulch that gets picked up, moved and dumped somewhere else - constantly. I think the boys have moved about 1 ton of mulch in the past few weeks!

The other excitement is mowing. Sometimes its push mowing, sometimes riding and sometimes they just drag a stick and call it a mower.

Here is Andrew sitting on a tractor that pulls a brush hog at the construction site - its the ultimate of mowers!

We send our love to all and hope you are laughing and enjoying your days too!