Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Family portrait

Fall has always been our favorite time of year. And it is also when Nate's birthday falls (notice the pun...).

In the process of taking his 6-yr portrait on a whim we decided to grab a family portrait too.

Nate turns 6. Now it takes 2 hands to show his age. And he has 2 adult teeth to show off.

Little Andrew...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Funny stuff they say and do - 2009 highlights

As time goes by, we continue to jot down notes about things the boys have done or said. Since I have had a dearth of photos from Craig... I decided to post some notes.

Nate: "Salami is good for the body"

Nate - after discussing dreams: But HOW does my brain tell stories?

Andrew (I can't remember what the context was): "I think I'm the problem"

Andrew: "Nate if you don't stop talking I'm going to roll up in a ball."

Nate: "Daddy, I want to make Jesus a present."
Daddy: "What Jesus wants is for us to obey his commands."
Nate: "But I want to give him something fun."

5.28.2009: Two separate and unrelated questions
Andrew: "Mom, we have a lot of doors. Can we sell one?"
Nate: "Mom, the cloud in Egypt killed the firstborn ... what would happen if they were twins?"

7.30.2009 - Nate gets easily distracted when getting PJ's on, so we have to remind him several times what he is suppose to be doing. Tonight he says "Awww - you always want me to put my PJ's on. I wish I was nocturnal."

Andrew: "Pop, can we watch tarcoons?"

Nate wants to build something with Mom.
Mom: You need to write or find plans to build from
Nate: No - I build from the picture in my brain.
Mom: Its hard to help you because I don't know what your picture looks like.
Nate: You can x-ray my brain to find out.

Andrew: "I'm Darth Vader. I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm Pinocchio."

Andrew: "I'm not your grandma. I'm Batman."

Nate: "Andrew, please go out! I want to talk to myself."

Nate: "Dad, I'm going to need a week of peace, so you can help me"

Mom: Andrew - do you want to go first or second in the bathtub?
Andrew - without hesitation: Third!

When looking around the house at the disarray, I (mom) started to break down a bit almost to tears. As I was spouting my woes to Craig, Andrew - who was close-by - comes over and hugs my leg and says "don't give up, mom."