Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trip to New Hampshire

This post is a little delayed... but here are some photographs from our trip to New Hampshire. We learned 2 things on this trip:
1. Nate is a fish
2. Andrew could eat donuts 24/7

The boys were troopers on our 14 hour drive up. Here is a picture from a rest area about 8 hours after starting.

Once we arrived, our days were spent mostly at the beach in front of our parent's cottage. The boys dug and dumped and moved and pushed and hauled sand for hours.

At night, we were able to sleep in an RV again this year thanks to a gracious neighbor! The boys asked if they were allowed to talk for awhile each night when we put them to bed. We could here them discussing the finer points of digging and dumping. Plus they would plan what they were going to build the NEXT day.

Then comes the fish part. On our first swim of the trip it only took Nate 10 minutes before he was diving completely under the water - a 1st for him. And much to our dismay, he would stay under for many seconds... it was unnerving!! And he would do it over and over... and over!

Even in 50-something degree water at York Beach, Maine, he would jump the waves, flop down in the water and laugh. Then get up and do it again. Andrew was quite content to watch from my hip.

Then there are the donuts... You may not realize it, but donuts are the state food in New Hampshire. There is a Dunkin' Donuts on every corner! And of course, we had them about ever day. We even stopped on our drive home before leaving the state!
One morning "dad" took the boys for a drive to let mom (me) sleep in. Guess where they went?

Notice the donut dust...

And here are a few more candids I love from the trip. Including one with Great Grammy.

So that is what the boys did on their summer trip this year.