Monday, March 17, 2008

Our travels to the southland

Between the 2 snow storms, we headed south to visit some very good friends in Beaufort, SC. Our start was a bit slow as we dug out 6 inches of the white stuff just to get up the drive!

It's been quite awhile since we've seen them and this is the 1st they've met Andrew. It was a wonderful trip!! Even our 13-14 hour drives were good.

Here is what the boys looked like just about every morning at the breakfast table:

There was a really cool park in the neighborhood - we only went once, but oh it was a blast!

There was a 2-story clubhouse in the park. Andrew was enthralled with the little house down below - it was HIS little house for the day.

Try THIS the next time you go swinging: Nate likes to swing on his stomach and just push with his feet back and forth. Well... Craig started pulling his feet back to about shoulder height and letting go. I'll let the photograph tell the rest of the story!

Yet another morning :)

I don't know quite how Andrew does it, but here is a face he makes frequently these days. Your guess is as good as mine as to what he is thinking!

On one of our last days, we headed to Hunting Island Beach - about an hour from Beaufort. At first the boys just played in the sand & one of those streams that form at low tide...

Nate's digger was well oiled and working overtime:

But then it warmed up enough that they both ventured into bigger waters - The Ocean.

And they go IN:

And, back OUT: In and out it was for quite some time laughing all the while. What a joy they were to watch - just look at those faces.

It was such a fun trip for all of us!

Wanna play possum?

OK - this is not about the boys, but I thought it was cute. This little guy (or gal) was in our neighbor's herb garden. He let Craig get right up next to him - and he practically smiled for the shot!