Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dinner & cutting grass

This is a series of photos Craig took at the dinner table the other day. Andrew has a myriad of expressions & positions while eating. This is only HALF of the photos from the series...

He is into mowing "with" me now. He will ride his tractor as long as I ride mine. Which means I don't get too much actual mowing done. But hey, how many years will I be able to say my son "liked" to mow?

Outta the way, I got grass to mow!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Getting dressed

Nate is slowly but surely learning how to dress himself. Here is an example of what he goes thru before actually getting his clothes ON.
Maybe a real hat would work better on my head.

OK - down to business... you want me to do what with this shirt??

Then there was the day they both wanted to wear hoodies.

I can't complain a bit... for the most part these boys don't really care what clothes they wear. Except shoes, Andrew really knows what shoes he wants to wear each day. So we don't have to stuggle with the "what", just the how and when.