Thursday, January 24, 2008

Only from a toddler....

Craig and I started a document to log cute sayings or things the boys do. I was reading thru it tonight and just couldn't stop laughing. Surely this will not translate as well as if you had heard or seen it 1st-hand... but here goes.

"Mom" is me and "Dad" is Craig.

11.16.2006 - Mom said this tonight to Nathanael; "You have to finish all your bacon before you can have a popcicle." :)

3.12.2007 - Nate "Mom, I love you more than Legos."

4.21.2007 - Andrew turns 2 :) Mom said "Andrew, the screwdriver does not go on people."

8.4.2007 - Nate: "Can I have more broccoli?"

8.11.2007 - Nate: "Can we sweep now? Please? Please?"

8.16.2007 - Andrew with PERFECT articulation at age 2 years 4 month: "I want a frappuccino" (a frappuccino in our house is a strawberry smoothie).

Oct 20, 2007 - our 11th anniversary! Went on a hike with the boys at the Nature Realm today. It was a windy, beautiful day. Craig points camera straight up looking thru the branches of a tree while a strong wind was blowing the leaves...
Nate - "I'll hold the tree still, Dad" as he gives it a huge hug.

Nov 1, 2007 - Mom "Andrew! Did you hear your brother? Take your feet off of his face."

12.11.2007 - Andrew (out of the blue): "You need to go to jail, Nate"
Nate: "No"
Andrew (with AUTHORITY): "You need to try, Nate!"

Nate: "We can build a crunchy claw ... to obey God"
Daddy: "I don't think God is overly concerned with crunchy claws."
Nate (after a pause): Well we can build a crunchy claw. And it won't pick up God ... or Jesus."

And since I don't have as many funny sayings from Andrew, I thought I'd post a pic of him. This is a box robot head that the boys wanted Craig to make.