Sunday, December 27, 2009

Funny stuff they say and do - 2009 highlights

As time goes by, we continue to jot down notes about things the boys have done or said. Since I have had a dearth of photos from Craig... I decided to post some notes.

Nate: "Salami is good for the body"

Nate - after discussing dreams: But HOW does my brain tell stories?

Andrew (I can't remember what the context was): "I think I'm the problem"

Andrew: "Nate if you don't stop talking I'm going to roll up in a ball."

Nate: "Daddy, I want to make Jesus a present."
Daddy: "What Jesus wants is for us to obey his commands."
Nate: "But I want to give him something fun."

5.28.2009: Two separate and unrelated questions
Andrew: "Mom, we have a lot of doors. Can we sell one?"
Nate: "Mom, the cloud in Egypt killed the firstborn ... what would happen if they were twins?"

7.30.2009 - Nate gets easily distracted when getting PJ's on, so we have to remind him several times what he is suppose to be doing. Tonight he says "Awww - you always want me to put my PJ's on. I wish I was nocturnal."

Andrew: "Pop, can we watch tarcoons?"

Nate wants to build something with Mom.
Mom: You need to write or find plans to build from
Nate: No - I build from the picture in my brain.
Mom: Its hard to help you because I don't know what your picture looks like.
Nate: You can x-ray my brain to find out.

Andrew: "I'm Darth Vader. I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm Pinocchio."

Andrew: "I'm not your grandma. I'm Batman."

Nate: "Andrew, please go out! I want to talk to myself."

Nate: "Dad, I'm going to need a week of peace, so you can help me"

Mom: Andrew - do you want to go first or second in the bathtub?
Andrew - without hesitation: Third!

When looking around the house at the disarray, I (mom) started to break down a bit almost to tears. As I was spouting my woes to Craig, Andrew - who was close-by - comes over and hugs my leg and says "don't give up, mom."

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