Monday, December 15, 2008

New Hampshire trip 2008

The snow is flying and here I am posting shots from our summer trip to New Hampshire. Pretend it's July for a few moments...

On our drive up we stopped at a rest area in Pennsylvania. There was some sort of moth emergence happening and they were all over the trees. We did close-up inspections of the event.

We arrived at the cottage late that night, so it was straight to bed for all. But EARLY the next morning the boys hit the beach in front of the cottage. I'm talking sunrise.

Our daily activities can be summed up thus - swim, play in sand, fish, eat, sleep, repeat... and occasionally care for an injured dragonfly.

Not so nice brotherly love...

Nice brotherly love...

And my sweet little baby - who is 3!
One day we took a trip to York Beach, Maine. We always stop at Nubble Light for a climb on the big rocks.

Then we ventured to the cold Maine waters at York Beach. Imagine 55 deg water. And sand that sticks like clay - would you be smiling like this?
Andrew decided to wave chase rather than dive and dunk.

Our newest activity this year was fishing. Nate has become a master at side casting. And Andrew is catching onto it fast (note the pun).

We caught a bunch if little perch and one trout. Then Nate hooked a 4+ lb bass! We don't have a picture of it because the fishing line snapped as we were pulling him up to shore... But the boys can now tell you their 1st real fish story!Nate is fish spotting.
And that's what we did on our summer trip this year.


Red Headed Mama said...

Those boys are absolutely adorable and getting SO big.

*ahem* you must show them off more often!!!

Trish Prater said...

Wow, I can't believe how quickly they are growing up. Once again, all these photo's are amazing. Hope you are all doing well.