Monday, December 29, 2008

Nate Turns 5 and Gets Guinea Pig

On Oct 26th, Nate officially turned 5. And for his birthday we adopted a guinea pig named Eliza.

He had been asking for a hamster for MANY months. We told him when he turned 5 he could get one (hoping he'd forget). He didn't... Instead of a hamster we adopted Eliza from his cousin who had one too many animals.

We made her a large cage. She runs laps each morning & evening. It's like an exercise routine. She also begs for lettuce everytime she hears the rustling of a plastic bag. And she can be quite vocal. Her favorite foods are apples, pears, lettuce & Timothy hay.

Enough with introductions... meet Eliza...

Then came the party. Can't have a party without a party hat!

Pop (Craig's dad) has a birthday just a few days after Nate. They celebrated together.

This is Nate's official annual birthday portrait in the leaves. I think Craig was running backwards for this shot :).

Now Andrew has way too many facial exrpessions to post, so here are a few from playing in the leaves.

My personal favorite...


Trish Prater said...

Love the photo's in the leaves! Can't believe that Nate is already 5. time does fly.

Nettie Miller said...

I LOVE your blog & the pictures are always great. Thank you for sharing them and your lives with us - even your neighbors enjoy them. We love the sounds of the boys playing outside & miss it during the cold winter months. Soon it will be spring. :)